Our client is a casino that wanted to partner with local hotels in order to provide a better experience for their guests.
The client needed to allow their guests to book an entire trip itinerary via a website. These itineraries could include hotel rooms, dining reservations, hotel services and access to entertainment events. The client also wanted to develop collaborative promotions so that guests could earn redeemable points to apply to products or services at either the casino or participating hotels.



Each hotel maintained its own booking processing system that needed to communicate and exchange data with new itinerary processing system.


The Mindware Solution

Mindware assisted the casino with designing and building a platform capable of communicating with the hotel system by using a well-known industry protocol.
This allowed the casino’s website to talk directly to this new component which aggregated bookings available from the entire hotel and sent the completed booking request to the appropriate hotel.


Benefits of the Mindware Solution
  • Provided the customer with a single solution for all current hotel
    partners as well as any future opportunities.
  • Improved the customer experience allowing the guest to only use one
    website to book their entire trip.


Connection to External Partners