Our client is a successful hotel and casino that was managing the different facets of their business through disparate applications.
The client needed to increase their system’s flexibility, mitigate the risks of vendor lock-in, provide ready made interfaces to future third party applications and provide a uniform view across data from different properties.



Since the client’s data was scattered among several different applications that were specific to each property it was difficult to create a uniform interface and integrate data. In addition, upgraded or replacing any of the systems could create a ripple effect across the client’s businesses.


The Mindware Solution

Mindware designed and developed an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to provide a single data hub for all applications across the client’s business. We were able to integrate the critical applications from each property into the ESB in order to provide a consistent view of the data regardless of which application originally housed the information. In addition the ESB was developed using industry standard XML protocols to allow ease of use between applications.


Benefits of the Mindware Solution
  • Client is more agile with changes to applications that only impact the ESB. This upgrade reduces time and costs by limiting the scope of regression testing.
  • The ESB can be easily accessed by any client application that speaks one of the industry-standard protocols. This reduces the friction of onboarding new applications.


Integration of Systems