Our client is a start-up that was experiencing explosive growth and needed a new ERP system in order to meet the needs of their growing company.
The client needed the new ERP system to handle Purchasing and Inventory management. The system had to integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing applications as well as provide a flexible solution to be able to successfully accommodate the company’s future growth.



The client’s Purchasing system was currently a manual process, managed by large spreadsheets and support service tickets to track quoting and purchasing history. Inventory management was managed via a custom application that lacked features. In response to the lack of features the inventory management process had become overly complex.


The Mindware Solution

Mindware assessed the situation and based on our experience came up with a list of options that made the most sense for this client. We worked with the client to create a roadmap for the implementation, that included providing technical analysis for the new solution, building application components that would interface with their existing applications as well as planning and designing data integration to a well known finance application.


Benefits of the Mindware Solution
  • Used modern technologies to provide seamless data integration between the systems.
  • Minimized ongoing support and maintenance costs.
  • Allowed client to take advantage of new EDI capabilities.
  • Achieved quick return on investment because of the reduction of time and manpower required to performance Purchase and Inventory Management.


ERP System implementation