E-commerce & Web Design

We can help you create Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer e-commerce sites designed to scale with traffic volume and have maximum uptime. Also customer service portals, to provide your clients with the service they demand and deserve. We can reduce your need for expensive call centers and help you provide a better customer experience in today’s increasingly digital world.

Your new web site will be fast, responsive, and adapt well for browsers on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We will also help you get the best positioning possible with popular search engines, and provide you with the tools to analyze who is using your site and how they are using it, so you can create new revenue opportunities.

Mobile and Custom built applications

Optimize your business processes by using custom built software that is designed for your unique needs. Reduce costly human-errors, streamline work flows, and get a global up-to-date view of your business in an instant.

Make your applications available to the millions of users on mobile phones and tablets. With so many different types of mobile devices available today and hundreds of browsers available, it can be a real challenge to build an application or web site. We will help you navigate the unwieldy world of mobile devices and create applications that provide a consistent user experience.

Tax Consulting and Financial Management

Tax Consulting

  • Accounting Records Management, Legalization and Submission of Yearly Accounting Books.
  • Tax Settlements.
  • Labour Management.

Financial Management

  • Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Treasury Management and Control.
  • Relationship with Financial Entities and Public Administrations Consulting.
  • International Trade Management and Consulting.

Connect to your partners

We can provide solutions for data integration with your business partners, allowing you to increase collaboration and gain maximum benefit from your partnerships. Imagine getting stock availability or pricing information from your providers exactly when it is needed, or placing orders across multiple vendors instantly.

Using well-known and standards-based technology, we can create a data exchange that can adapt and grows to your ever-changing needs, at the speed of business.

Cloud applications

Is it time to move your application to the cloud? Let us help you create a migration path and move it to any number of popular Platform-as-a-Service providers. Security, availability, scalability and performance are priority concerns that we will help you address.

Business intelligence

Learn new information from the troves of valuable data you already have collected. Create dashboards to see the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns, discover new insights about your customers, and find bottlenecks in your work flows that may be holding your company back from performing at its best. Or connect to popular social media feeds and find out what your customers are saying about your products and services.